What am I Up To Now?


Who I am looking for

I am looking for like minded individuals, organizations and sponsors who believe in the cause of trees and the environment.

Specifically I am looking for a like minded PR person to help me navigate and connect my vision and goals of my bike ride with my audience and potential environmental partners.

I am also looking for those strategic environmental partners that can help see my mission and vision for my ride to success.

Looking for someone, perhaps a professor of a college videographer course to help see the video footage collected on my bike ride to some kind of finished product on video.

What I am working on

Major Goals

  • 54,000 km bike ride through 24 countries in 2018 for 2 ½ years promoting tree planting and the environment
  • Starting a tree farm in Belize for the purposes of reforestation of rainforests

On the side

  • 3 separate  online e-commerce websites are at different levels of completion to help fund my bike ride and tree farm
  • Rebuilding my home in Belize - it was and has been recently displaced by a giant fast growing tree
  • To expand my Spanish beyond, "Cerveza por favor."

Status of Major Goals

Bike Ride

  • Website largely completed.  Minor tweaking and content development required.
  • Looking to finalize vision and mission of ride

Tree Farm in Belize

  • Looking to head back down to Belize in September 2016 to prep an acre of land with heavy equipment machinery.  This will create a clean working space to start 1000’s of Mahogany tree seedlings.

How my week is spent

I drive a truck for Voortman Cookies long haul.  Sunday evening until Friday evening I live and work in my truck

Friday evening until Sunday evening are spent on website development and research on my various future projects.

Sunday mornings I attend the Meeting House Church – the church for people who are not into church. www.themeetinghouse.com

My Lifestyle

My lifestyle revolves around making my goals a reality.  I live as simply and cheaply as possible.  I drive a truck for a living but do not own a car – I bike to work all year round rain or snow.

In A Sentence

I am driven to use the time that I have to make the greatest impact that I can with a whole lot of adventure on the side.

Most Influential Books

  • Wild At Heart by John Eldredge
  • Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris